A Walk in the Life of Georgia O’Keeffe

The new LUX World Travel website is up, but continues to be a work in progress.  I love working on the site…with an art background it is a wonderful creative outlet, but as the company grows, it is clear that this part of the trip designing and planning will need to be outsourced!

Nevertheless, these magnificent opportunities to travel are live.  They are real.  They are extraordinary, and I am very excited about all of them.

The first to bring to attention is for art lovers, and fans with a passion for the Southwest, and Native American Culture,  I highly recommend, “A Walk in the Life of Georgia O’Keeffe.”

This LUX World Exclusive Tour was co-produced with Ursula Beck, Director of the Taos Art School.  Amazingly, the week long trip will have you literally walking in Georgia’s  footsteps as you see the land as she did, and also explore, relax and paint at the White Place and at Penitente Cross in workshop settings.

The trip was also purposely designed to take place over the Summer Solstice, which will provide the opportunity to enjoy a Summer Solstice celebration and ceremony, participate in authentic Native American experiences, and nurture your soul and artistic self with yoga, meditative Labyrinth Walks, riverside strolls, area hikes, and relax at night under Taos’ starry skies.

The magical winter season is here now, but trips like this keep summer alive in our hearts.  I hope you join us now, and then…


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