Leaps of Faith

Trying anything new is always a leap of faith, and faith-based vacations or journeys allow you to embrace that concept in every way.

Vacations bring the opportunity to experience new destinations, new sights and sounds of course, but also experience ourselves in  new ways too.  Faith-based vacations bring all of that, plus more.  But it can be a leap of faith to set out on such a different type of journey, when most of us have such a short amount of vacation time to begin with.

Often we struggle with a personal leap of faith me be to go forward with your desire for this type of vacation, and step away from the standard beach resort vacation, or European city or historical tours.

Even in my own company’s struggle to survive an economic downturn, and to already operate in a niche mode of travel, I have set a new course for LUX World Travel even though wise counsel may suggest we produce more streamlined itineraries.  In my own leap of faith for the 2010 travel season, it is truly my goal to bring more faith-based, and sacred journeys to the  list of LUX World’s escorted tours.

One in which I am most excited with is an exclusively planned, authentic Footsteps of St. Paul, and in-depth tour of Turkey .  This trip is set to follow actual text and highlights from the book of Acts, and will be led by a Presbyterian Minister from Rochester, NY, Judy Lee Hay.  In addition to Reverend Hay’s leadership and insight, she will be joined on location with biblical and historical scholars who are experts in the region.

My company produced this trip because in our own quest of preparing an itinerary, we noticed that other tour companies offered similar trips, however most were light cultural tours of Greece and surrounding regions, but the actual opportunities to experience Paul’s journey were optional excursions, which were not the base structure of the trip at all.  From this, I have vowed to dedicate my time  to produce authentic cultural and faith-based journeys for all to enjoy.

Stay tuned for more opportunities to tour Jewish temples in Argentina, single tours to the Holy Land, sacred journeys to Bali, Asia, Hawaii, Costa Rica and more.

For now our nation takes time to give Thanks…a ritual I firmly believe in.  Enjoy your Holiday, and travel well.

Blessings~ Melinda


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