Bangalore India – A Journey of Self Discovery

At Shreyas Resort in Bangalore, you will be immersed into a philosophy that believes  “all are essentially divine.” This idea is the foundation of all the Yoga Sciences.    Your yoga and wellness program here will cradle you with unparalleled personalized attention by a staff that practices yoga and endeavors to embody this philosophy. The staff is encouraged to serve guests as part of their spiritual discipline and not just as a job or career; serving is different from being servile because the focus is on connecting with the divinity inherent in each guest.

Shreyas gives you a unique insight into Yoga, irrespective of whether you are a beginner or have practiced for many years.  Often misunderstood to be simply a set of physical exercises, Yoga is a practice that allows us to look deep within the Self for answers to questions of existence and being. Yoga is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘yuj’ meaning, ‘to join’ or ‘to yoke’ and refers to the process of joining the mind with the body and ultimately the individual self (prakriti) with the divine self (purusha).

Yoga has an amazing effect on our body and mind and energies, restores balance into our lives allowing us to deal with life’s ups and downs with a sense of equanimity; it resolves our inner conflicts, enables total excellence and allows us to fulfil our potential to become complete human beings.

Traditional Yoga classes at Shreyas are, conducted by experienced instructors, based on both traditional Hatha Yoga and Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga.  The resident teachers are unique, being steeped in ancient knowledge and also trained in modern teaching methods. All classes are adapted for beginner, intermediate and advanced levels.

Twice daily group classes and one meditation session are included in the stay for all guests. If you wish to explore different aspects of the yoga practice, there are sessions teaching Pranayama (understanding and regulating our breath), Pratyahara (withdrawal / internalization of sensory inputs), Dharana (concentration), Dhyana (meditation).

‘Each soul is potentially divine. It is the purpose of our lives to manifest this divinity.’

These are the immortal words of Swami Vivekananda, one of India’s leading spiritual reformers of the late 20th century. He was referring to the vedantic philosophy, the bedrock of Yoga and Spirituality in India. These scriptures deal with the essential questions that all of us face at some stage in our lives: What is the purpose of my life? Who am I? What is the cause of my unhappiness? How can I be at peace in this world?

The answer to any question we seek can be found within ourselves. The answer lies in our ability to tap into the inner silence – a silence that can be experienced through the processes of Yoga and Meditation. When we are in deep silence, our mind is clear, and we will see the world for what it is – an unbroken stream of pure consciousness.

Journey of Self Discovery is what is referred to as Yoga – which is a gamut of spiritual processes that harness and purify our mind/body system and allow us to look within ourselves. Yoga processes positively affect the physical, physiological, emotional, intellectual and spiritual facets of our personality.

During your stay here, will follow the principles of Yoga formal training and will also learn from the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali – the codified philosophy that is a must for all who are interested in or are practicing yoga.

The stress of urban living leaves its imprint on each of us, the chaotic noise makes it difficult for us to hear our inner voice; at Shreyas, a spiritual retreat, you experience an oasis of calm making it easier to relax and connect with your true self. From the moment you drive through the gates you are surrounded by nature and will begin to feel its restorative, rejuvenative effects.

Anaha…The Wellness Spa

From age-old Ayurvedic treatments to modern therapies, from naturopathy to a wide range of massages, the resort’s new spa is designed to offer the best wellness experience. The spa has several east-facing spaces drenched with sunlight each morning, perfect for yoga and meditation.

The 16,000 square feet spa includes 13 spa rooms, with dedicated rooms for Ayurveda, some with a personal steam cabinet, rooms for Western massages, and a separate 3-room section for hydrotherapies.  There are also separate spa facilities for men and women, including steam rooms and experiential showers.

Spa Facilities

> 4 Ayurvedic therapy rooms (with steam facilities).
> 4 rooms for Western massages.
> 1 room for Mud therapy.
> Thai massage room.
> A Naturopathy section with three rooms for hydrotherapy, acupressure and acupuncture.
Each spa room measures approximately 600 square feet with peaceful private views of the landscaped gardens of Shreyas.
> 2 indoor Yoga pavilions on the upper level. The larger pavilion is built over 2000 square feet allow natural sunlight from the east to create an amazing setting for morning Yoga sessions.
> Gymnasium.
> Juice Bar.
> Beauty Salon.
The Boutique at Shreyas which features yoga clothing, mats and selected books on India, Ayurveda and Wellness.
> Herb garden with fresh ingredients used in our scrubs and masks.
> Changing rooms for men and women with showers, steam, sauna facilities and Jacuzzi.
> Semi open lounge spaces and Meditation zones.






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