DUBAI: Total Wellness New Year’s Retreat

HOSTED BY EXPERTS This 3-Day retreat will set you on the right path of gaining: positivity, right nutrition, personalized yoga, and authentic training from Masters  for obtaining the Peace that mindfulness offers. You will receive personalized assessments, tests and consultations from an expert Nutritionist, Yoga Guru, Psychologist, and a Spiritual Master. It doesn't end here.. … Continue reading DUBAI: Total Wellness New Year’s Retreat


When you want the Best... Treat yourself to world-spanning excursions – from locally inspired treatments to the healing therapies of Asia and beyond. Mud massages, Thai herbal baths, silk facials, warm oils of Ayurveda and a rich selection of wellness rituals await your choosing. The resort and spa holds a unique vision, which is inspired … Continue reading THAILAND: ENCHANTING SPA EXPERIENCE