Traveling on Faith

Following one's heart, following one's passions, has led me to produce and prepare this Faith Journey to the historically rich land of Turkey.  This trip was a delight to organize, and as fellow travelers sign up, the excitement grows, the momentum grows, and spirits begin to soar. Faith travel and tours in general will have … Continue reading Traveling on Faith

Luggage that Lasts – and Loves the Earth

I loved this article and found it timely to share with LUX World Travel fans... Care 2 Article: Posted by Terri Hall-Jackson Dec 3, 2009 9:01 am Inevitably, it happens. The zipper no longer zips, the handle no longer handles, and you find yourself needing new luggage. Traditional luggage contains some unfriendly materials, of which … Continue reading Luggage that Lasts – and Loves the Earth