The Ashram Camino – Spain

PILGRIMAGE THROUGH SPAIN A Yearly Seasonal Retreat at the The Ashram Camino September 2019 and 2020 Embrace your journey within and register to walk one of the most beautiful parts of the Spanish pilgrimage “The Camino de Santiago”. Although the complete path, known as the “French Way,” is 500 miles, this retreat will have you … Continue reading The Ashram Camino – Spain

Palaces, Tigers and Wellness! Oh my…it’s India!

India hosts thousands of years of history, a spectrum of exotic cultures, amazing temples and palaces, a myriad of landscapes from snow-peaked mountains to lush jungles.  India will enchant any first time visitor or world traveler. India challenges the mind and soothes the soul with a menu of spirituality that provides both ancient metaphysical healing … Continue reading Palaces, Tigers and Wellness! Oh my…it’s India!

Traveling on Faith

Following one's heart, following one's passions, has led me to produce and prepare this Faith Journey to the historically rich land of Turkey.  This trip was a delight to organize, and as fellow travelers sign up, the excitement grows, the momentum grows, and spirits begin to soar. Faith travel and tours in general will have … Continue reading Traveling on Faith

Leaps of Faith

Trying anything new is always a leap of faith, and faith-based vacations or journeys allow you to embrace that concept in every way. Vacations bring the opportunity to experience new destinations, new sights and sounds of course, but also experience ourselves in  new ways too.  Faith-based vacations bring all of that, plus more.  But it … Continue reading Leaps of Faith