Bangalore India – A Journey of Self Discovery

At Shreyas Resort in Bangalore, you will be immersed into a philosophy that believes  "all are essentially divine." This idea is the foundation of all the Yoga Sciences.    Your yoga and wellness program here will cradle you with unparalleled personalized attention by a staff that practices yoga and endeavors to embody this philosophy. The … Continue reading Bangalore India – A Journey of Self Discovery

Ayurveda and Yoga on Om Beach – India

Halfway between Mumbai and Kochi, situated on Om beach, there is little, apart from the rhythm of the rolling waves and the meditative hum of birdsong, to disturb your inner explorations.  This healing resort is crafted in colors of the Earth, and in harmony with the land that nurtures her, SwaSwara is designed for holistic … Continue reading Ayurveda and Yoga on Om Beach – India

India | Holistic Healing Experience

Rejuvenate your senses & embark on a self-healing journey... BayPark by Pema Wellness is a purpose driven wellness resort where the harmony between the body, mind and spirit is restored through holistic healing and enlightened wisdom. All programs are customized to enhance your wellbeing for years to come.   You leave, transformed. Wellness at Pema Resort … Continue reading India | Holistic Healing Experience