Down Under Romance

Escape to a tropical paradise as you enjoy the company of the one you love. This romantic adventure takes you down under and offers plenty of secluded space.


Lizard Island Resort located in the Great Barrier Reef, Australia offers 24 beaches and accommodations for only 40 couples. Open-plan suites are done in royal blue, turquoise, and stark white to mimic the Coral Sea below, with hammocks and decks discreetly hidden from view. Count on sunset cruises, torchlit beach dinners, and complimentary gourmet picnic baskets.

The Pavilion room (shown) is perched high above the Coral Sea and set on the point of Sunset Ridge, The Pavilion combines complete privacy with a spectacular 270-degree panorama of Anchor Bay, Osprey Island and Sunset Beach.

Indulge in Romance

Your experience will begin with a scenic flight over the Great Barrier Reef and the coast on your way to Lizard Island. Upon arrival, you and your partner will receive special treatment right from the start with champagne and chocolate-dipped strawberries.


The Lizard Island romantic experience ensures you and the one you love will spend the entire stay uninterrupted, in the natural beauty of this secluded island paradise.

The Reef Romance package, which you can add onto a thee night minimum stay. Your Romance Package includes the following for just an additional AUD $650 per couple:

  • Champagne and chocolate-dipped strawberries on arrival
  • A sunset cruise with champagne and cheeses
  • A one-hour indulgent spa treatment for each guest (two guests only)
  • A private beach day with motorized dinghy and gourmet picnic hamper
  • A private beach dining experience on one of the nights



Love Adventure?  Snorkel or Dive the Great Barrier Reef!

Tucked amid the largest reef system in the world, snorkeling or diving and deep-sea game fishing excursions reveal a diversity of life beneath crystal blue waters. The Cod Hole, one of the area’s world-famous dive sites, is just a short boat ride away.

In need of some Pampering?


Indulge in a range of natural Australian spa treatments to generate health and balance. Inspired by nature, the powerful treatments channel indigenous techniques to enrich your experience.

Plan your Stay with Mother Nature

Below is a list of natural wonders to enjoy per season.  Plan your stay accordingly!


  • The Amphibious month.
  • Green Tree Frogs dominate the nocturnal sound show as they come out to breed.
  • The Black Flying Fox camps are at their largest, providing spectacular flight scenes at dusk.
  • Monitor Lizard activity is high, they can be seen digging nesting tunnels around the island.


  • Black-Naped Terns begin nesting.
  • Terns swarming around Osprey Island prey on the summer fish stocks.
  • The Melaleuca Forests flood and mangrove swamps are rich with juvenile fish life.
  • Constellation of Orion dominates the early night sky.


  • Crested Terns begin nesting.
  • Pheasant Coucal birds can be seen changing to their darker plumage.
  • Sacred Kingfishers are often sighted around the island.


  • Migratory birds, such as the Lesser Golden Plover, begin to show their breeding plumage before the migration to the northern latitudes.
  • Bar Shouldered Doves begin nesting.
  • Southern Cross constellation can be seen rising early in the night sky.


  • Green Sea Turtles can be spotted feeding along the beaches at low tide.
  • Clear skies and early twilights bring red sunsets over the Pacific.
  • Kapok Bush begins to flower.
  • Swallowtail Butterflies sighted around the resort.


  • Humpback Whales begin their northern migration. Curious Minke Whales often approach tour vessel for a closer look.
  • Playful Spinner Dolphins may surf the bow wave on the outer reef trips.
  • Clear views from the top of Cooks Lookout.
  • Centaurus shines over the meridian at night.


  • Humpback Whale sightings during their migration to warmer waters for calving.
  • Goannas often sighted along tracks warming their bodies in the midday sun.
  • Osprey often sighted around their large, high nests.


  • White-Breasted Wood swallows begin breeding.
  • Umbrella trees show off their brilliant red flowers.
  • Constellation of Scorpio dominates the spring night sky, chasing Orion over the western horizon.


  • Marlin season begins with Giant Black Marlin cruising the outer reef during their breeding season.
  • Minke and Humpback Whale sightings from around the island.
  • Black Flying Foxes feed on the mango fruits around the resort at night.
  • As the water temperatures warm towards 27°C, wildlife activity increases.
  • The prominent bright yellow flowers of the Kapok Bush are in full bloom.
  • The ‘Teapot’ in Sagittarius shines above at night.


  • Lesser Golden Plovers arrive on the island from Siberia and Alaskan territories.
  • Torres Strait Imperial Pigeons migrate down from Papua New Guinea to form breeding colonies on the island.
  • Beach Stone Curlew patrol the beaches, acting as decoys for their nests.
  • Black Marlin begin their spawning season on the outer reef.


  • Coral reef annual spawning turns the blue waters orange toward the end of the month.
  • Kapok Trees begin fruiting.
  • Green, Loggerhead and Hawksbill Turtles graze on sea grasses along the beaches.
  • Pelagic fish species increase activity around spawning season.
  • Monitor Lizards become active while constructing nesting chambers.


  • Occasional sightings of Manta Rays around the island.
  • Water temperature is a warm 29°C.


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