Holiday Travel: Flight Deals

The hustle, the bustle, hurry here, hurry there…the Holiday Season gets a bad “rap” for being too busy to enjoy.   But as with most tasks or goals, the Holiday Season simply takes a little planning.

Prices were sky high this past week, reason number one to plan ahead…but already have begun to come down.

So luckily, all is not lost if you are just now able to make travel plans.  The next 10 days will be another opportunity to purchase reasonably priced air.  If you enjoy living on the edge…some dramatically discounted deals may pop up 14 days prior to your departure date, but flights may also be sold out. It really is a gamble!

The best bet at this point in the season, will be to set up a Price Alert with an online booking engine, and decide what will be the price you are looking for.  If a flight matches your price…book immediately.

Just a holiday tip from LUX World Travel.


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