Wellness Overhaul – New Zealand

Located in New Zealand’s ethereal Southern Alps, Aro Ha is designed for the rejuvenation of the human spirit. Adhering to a vision of zen inspired luxury, Aro Ha teams intelligent design with exceptional programming to create an unparalleled well being experience. “Most who come to Aro Ha aren’t looking for just one aspect of health; … Continue reading Wellness Overhaul – New Zealand

Cambodia: Heavenly Spa Sanctuary

Welcome to a carefree paradise, an intimate escape in a far-flung archipelago. Crafted with love, inspired by our surroundings, Song Saa Private Island offers luxury, serenity and a deep connection with the environment. Created with sustainability in mind, this wellness resort reflects the beauty of the Cambodian coastline. It’s a place that breathes in time … Continue reading Cambodia: Heavenly Spa Sanctuary

Thailand- Luxury Wellness in Ayurveda

Meet our new Global Partner, the Mangosteen Ayurveda & Wellness Resort, located in Phuket, Thailand.  LUX World Travel prefers to offer our clients authentic wellness immersions, supported with Ayurvedic healing practices. Mangosteen provides you with special Wellness Escapes, tailored to your individual requirements, such as slimming, detoxing, relaxing or vitalizing. Daily morning yoga sessions are integrated … Continue reading Thailand- Luxury Wellness in Ayurveda

DUBAI: Total Wellness New Year’s Retreat

HOSTED BY EXPERTS This 3-Day retreat will set you on the right path of gaining: positivity, right nutrition, personalized yoga, and authentic training from Masters  for obtaining the Peace that mindfulness offers. You will receive personalized assessments, tests and consultations from an expert Nutritionist, Yoga Guru, Psychologist, and a Spiritual Master. It doesn't end here.. … Continue reading DUBAI: Total Wellness New Year’s Retreat