Legacy and Luxury in Waikiki

Halekulani is a cherished blend of place and space, an oasis-like experience amid the energy of Waikiki.  The beachfront location offers an unobstructed views of Diamond Head, and the hotel is is located by the fresh water springs that give Waikiki its name. The spa provides one-of-a-kind treatments that indigenous healing with unparalleled practices.  For … Continue reading Legacy and Luxury in Waikiki

Living in the Moment on the Island of Hawaii

Hawaii, the Big Island, goes by many names, including Orchid Island, for its tropical rain forests, or Volcano Island — a nod to active Kilauea, one of the most active volcanoes on earth. Hawaii Island is not only the biggest island, but also the youngest of the Hawaiian Islands. Due to its two active volcanoes, … Continue reading Living in the Moment on the Island of Hawaii