Ayurveda and Yoga on Om Beach – India

Halfway between Mumbai and Kochi, situated on Om beach, there is little, apart from the rhythm of the rolling waves and the meditative hum of birdsong, to disturb your inner explorations.  This healing resort is crafted in colors of the Earth, and in harmony with the land that nurtures her, SwaSwara is designed for holistic and transformational experiences.  This is a space dedicated the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda and Yoga embrace you to rejuvenate body and spirit.

SwaSwara means your inner voice and true to its name, this is a place of natural harmony to release, refocus and re-calibrate the self.


Inspired by the first sound of creation, OM, the resort in Gokarana on Om Beach is a perfect setting to enable one to hear the ‘voice of the inner self’.

SwaSwara goes beyond being a spa in the traditional sense. Neither is it an ashram. Instead, it is a sanctuary for your Prakruti or the innermost nature of an individual – that special blend of qualities and features that grant it uniqueness!

Its goal is to offer a life plan for the ‘reconstruction’ of mind and body to bring about balance and harmony within. Starting at 5 nights and going up to 21 nights, there are specialized programs to transform yourself.


Integrating your mind, body and soul.

Ayurveda, the ancient Indian system of healing, is unique in that it addresses the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of our well being in an integrated and related way.  The authentic Swa Swara therapies are designed around this holistic understanding of life and serve to heal your body, relax your mind and rekindle your soul.

Ayurveda dates back more than 2000 years originating in the Vedas, the ancient Hindu texts that contain practical information related to almost all aspects of life and is that branch of the Vedas which delves into the essence of right living and healing. Literally meaning the ‘knowledge or Science (‘veda’) of life’ (‘ayur), Ayurveda is an amalgamation of different knowledge systems that combine to offer a right and healthy way of life that is disease free.

Program Description

Goal: A well-being holiday with a flexible regimen that refreshes the mind, body and soul!

SwaSwara’s signature program ‘Swa Wellbeing’ is the beginning of an exploration of the Self. Starting at 5 nights, it is about learning to rejuvenate the SwaSwara way; to balance your life, relax, release and slow down, to be able to hear & listen to your “Swara”, your inner voice.


A comprehensive program which begins with an introduction to Yogic Kriyas, Asanas, Yoga Nidra, Pranayama, meditation techniques, relaxing Ayurveda Abhyanga massages, guided art and pottery sessions and interactive cooking.

Private one-on-one Yoga sessions are offered per villa from 7 night onwards and additional private sessions can be availed at an added cost. This program includes consultations with the Ayurveda doctors and lifestyle guidance by our Yoga instructors and Ayurveda doctors. Supplemented by a healthy cuisine with a choice between fresh organic vegetarian food and fresh sea fish.

The program primarily focuses on helping you experience and implement various mind and body techniques based on the concepts and philosophies of Yoga, meditation, Pranayama and Ayurveda to create positive changes in one’s approach to the daily rigors of modern life. It opens the mind’s eye to learn how, through a balanced approach, one can effectively reduce and manage stress to enhance the synergy in one’s life.


We live unaware of the nurturing inner voices of our being, drowned out as they are by the din of daily life. Only when everything else quiets down and we are at peace with ourselves in our surroundings can we hear it.

The shouts and clamors of the world die down to whispers at SwaSwara so that you may be uplifted by clouds of enfolding tranquility. SwaSwara is poetry in stone, painted with colors that symbolize the grounding energy of the earth, offset by the healing purity of white.


The dwelling units at SwaSwara are villas that invite you to revel in the open and green spaces that have been created within the confines of your walls. These afford privacy, yet open up to the skies and exposes nature in its full bounty to the senses.


A yoga deck on the second level offers spectacular views of the countryside and ocean while also serving as a perfect nook for Yoga practices.

Earthy and simple as its design is, SwaSwara is not spartan or lacking in comforts. Its architecture pays homage to the terrain and its character while infusing your personal spaces with an abundance of nature that plays its own unseen hand in healing.

5 Night All Inclusive Rate > from $1879 pp, based on shared room.


The all inclusive rate in for a 5 Night Swa Wellbeing Program includes: all meals, ayurveda and yoga consultations, ayurveda therapies, yoga sessions, ayurveda oils and herbs, activities like interactive cooking, art therapy, etc. , private villa accommodation, and all applicable taxes. The rate also includes pick up and drop from Goa airport.




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