Nature is Therapy – Costa Rica Wellness

Pamper Yourself In Paradise…

Secluded and intimate, Kurà is a place to reconnect with yourself and your partner. A luxury destination of sophisticated comfort far from the distractions of the world – one where the ocean breezes carry with them a real sense of wellbeing.


Kurà is Costa Rica’s prized example of contemporary design meets ultimate, sustainable luxury. As an adults-only hotel with 8 private suites, this resort is a glamorous destination for couples with great, big dreams and an appetite for the best things in life.

“The most glamorous, romantic resort in Costa Rica” 

– Forbes Magazine


Unwind in the  open-air sanctuary with beauty and wellness treatments thoughtfully designed to purify, nourish and rejuvenate. Enjoy exotic body scrubs and wraps, full body massages and deep tub soaks with truly peaceful view across the treetops to the ocean beyond. For a holistic, restorative experience, the resort will also arrange for private yoga classes.


Signature Therapies 75 mins | $140

Sports Massage Combined with assisted yoga to alleviate deep tensions in the muscles and trigger points

Hot Stones Massage Balance your energies with this revitalizingand warming massage

Lymphatic Drainage A gentle and detoxifying treat for the body Rainforest Aromas Relax the mind, body and spirit with a tailored full body massage with organic doTerra essential oils


Organically Kurà

Many of the products they use for their uplifting treatments are blended in house using quality local and even home-grown ingredients. The philosophy is that nature itself is therapy so you won’t find any fierce chemicals in any of their preparations. Only exquisite essential oils by doTerra and other all-naturals from closer to home.

You can arrange a consultation with the on-site therapists to design your ideal treatment, featuring any combination of the following organic products.

Skin Soothers
Cucumber – Aloe Vera – Avocado – Natural Clays & Muds –Tropical Fruits – Dark Chocolate

A number of the treatments are well-suited to sun-kissed skin, designed to calm any effects of overexposure with their soothing properties. Nourish the body with these ingredients to leave skin deeply hydrated and suitably glowing. Add tropical fruits such as mango and passion fruit to the mix for a dose of nutrients that your body will adore.

Exfoliants & Cleansers
Coffee – Raw Sugar – Sea Salt – Papaya – Cacao – Coconut – Tropical Fruits

The exfoliants and cleansers help eliminate dead skin cells, stimulate circulation, and prepare the skin to absorb rich nutrients. Use these ingredients in your treatments for brightening, cellulite-busting, and simultaneously soothing effects.

Herbs & Spices
Basil – Mint – Sage – Oregano – Pepper – Cinnamon – Clove

Direct from their very own greenhouse, our fresh herbs add a wonderfully aromatic touch to our selection of sumptuous treatments. Packing antioxidants and vitamins, they’re a natural gift to the skin. Combine them with spices for an added kick.


The Luxury Suites…

Designed with lovers in mind, the luxury Suites at Kurà are minimalist masterpieces. All eight suites feature 180° views across the rainforest to the ocean beyond, open-floor design, our iconic glass showers, and all the creature comforts of casual cosmopolitan.

KURA- Master-Suites-Double-Rainfall-Showers

Consider staying at least 4-5 nights to soak up the full Kurà experience.


Tours and Activities…

From the forested mountains down to the sprawling coastline, Uvita is a tropical playground for high-comfort explorers in search of new and authentic experiences.



Right on the resort’s doorstep you’ll discover the largest area of protected land designated to National Parks and nature reserves in Costa Rica. You’ll find world-class snorkeling, surfing and extraordinary marine life too.

The resort also offers small and private tours to help our guests experience it all.




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