Brazil: A peaceful haven for Wellness

In the 1970’s hippies came to Trancoso out of curiosity. But they stayed out of passion. Passion for a way of life centered on personal wellness inspired by unspoiled nature – rainforest, mangroves, beaches and the sea – plus the timeless wisdom of Bahian and native American traditions.

It’s all yours to experience now at Uxua Casa Spa and Hotel…



Prized by Pataxó Indians for centuries and indigenous only to southern Bahia and the Amazon – almescar trees produce a pure, highly bioactive resin which is their signature ingredient.
With restorative qualities and an alluring musky scent, almescar is that most elusive element offering authentic and effective organic treatments.

The hand-made range of spa products include other native ingredients such as 100% virgin coconut oil, shea butter, Brazil nuts, pitanga and assorted fruits, pink pepper seeds, fresh palm oil, and dark cocoa grown in their own gardens.

Uxua Casa Hotel beach

Some of the signature therapies are:

  • Relaxing Almescar Oil Massage
  • Moonbath Pre-Sun Body Scrub and Hydrating Massage (in vichy treatment suite, with fresh coconut or passion fruit)
  • After-Sun Skin Repair with Fresh Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
  • Reflexology with Almescar
  • Bahian Hot Stone Massage with Almescar Oil or Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
  • Lymphatic Drainage Massage with Essential Oil of Ginger (option of Cinnamon, Rosemry, Lime, or Cloves)
  • Almescar Facial
  • Bahian Cacao Facial


Heal thyself with some aquatic therapy, via a dip in UXUA’s one-of-a-kind pool.


The lake-like creation is composed entirely of 40,000 specimens of unique green aventurine quartz, a native Bahian stone considered by many to have powerful healing qualities and reign among the most therapeutic minerals in the world.


Classes of yoga, pilates, and even Brazilian forro dancing (much-loved in Trancoso) are UXUA specialties, at spa or beach.



Every UXUA Casa has its own, deep sofa reserved on the resort’s beach. Its only an 8-minute walk from the hotel, through the Historic Quadrado and down a path to a simple wooden bridge passing one of the best-preserved stretches of Atlantic mangrove in Brazil. Arriving at UXUA Praia, towels, every imaginable drink, and UXUA’s innovative Bahian fusion cuisine await. As do all the services one could wish for; massage, yoga, and capoeira lessons all available.



Trancoso’s eight beaches spread across 24 kilometers of pristine coastline, nestled under towering cliffs or alongside Atlantic rainforest and mangrove. These perfect stretches of sand are easily reachable from the Quadrado by foot, bicycle, or horseback:


This is the smallest and closest of the beaches to the Quadrado, and yet it feels like one of the most remote. A 500-meter stretch of silky white sand, this beach offers thick, privacy-enhancing mangroves, and breathtaking views of the juncture where ocean and Trancoso River meet and mingle. Best of all, it’s home to UXUA Praia Bar.


Calm, serene and peaceful, Rio da Barra marks where the Atlantic Ocean and Barra River meet. Only four kilometers from UXUA, this beach is perfect for inveterate sunbathers or nature lovers keen to explore by canoe the virgin bush along the Barra River.


Social and vibrant, Praia dos Nativos (aka Nativos Beach) is the “bubbly little sister” to its neighbor, Rio da Barra. Although this 3-km-long inlet boasts an abundance of natural beauty – pristine mangroves, hundreds of coconut trees and lavish coral reefs – Nativos is also home to beach bars only meters before the beach meets the Trancoso River. These bars lure visitors, among who are also sports lovers who cherish the regular winds, which aid in any kite and wind-surfing efforts.


Sporty types will love this beach, where 400 meters of white sand and dense mangrove swamps prove conducive to soccer, strand-tennis and, of course, beach volleyball. Tidal pools formed by reefs among the emerald-colored waters and colorful corals up the dramatic factor for sunbathers more intent on admiring the local scenery.


Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but with its coral-dotted waters, shallow lagoon and lush vegetation, this beach can be considered the “pretty one” of the family. Only 2 kilometers south of the village, Rio Verde can boast of few cottages and is bordered by the river of the same name. Because of its proximity to the river, lush flora and fauna await intrepid hikers who manage to venture beyond the sands.


Because of its secluded location, this is known as a great walking destination. A long stretch of sand without huts of any kind joins turquoise waters and sparse vegetation, meaning little shade for beach-goers. A tip: bring plenty of sunscreen.


Where to go when a little “alone time” is called for? This almost deserted swathe of sand punctuated by wildflowers will probably fit the bill. The only companions may be the creatures you find lurking underneath the stones on the beach.


This is the surfers’ choice, thanks to Itaquena’s reputation for generously sized waves. About 5 km from UXUA, this beach is often deserted, save for the cajueiros – trees of Brazilian origin that grow the world-famous caju (cashew) nut.





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