Transform Yourself! The Retreat in Costa Rica

Discover a place that will transform you: the way you eat, the way you think, the way you live. A place created to strengthen, renew, nourish and heal.

THE RETREAT COSTA RICA is the innovation of celebrity chef, best-selling author and health and wellness life-coach, Diana Stobo. Her goal was to create a transformational wellness center, literally “Heaven on Earth”, where people can come to escape the chaos and stresses of their lives and take an opportunity to reset their internal sense of balance in a nurturing and gentle environment.


Transform yourself through signature wellness programs and gastronomic concepts in a peaceful setting that stills the mind and inspires the soul – a tropical luxury resort nestled among lush vegetation in the arms of a quartz mountain with stunning views of the Nicoya Peninsula and Pacific Ocean.

The soothing rhythms of nature and the spectacular views offer a wondrous backdrop, whether you’re being pampered at the Spa, decompressing in the steam room, disappearing into a good book by the pool or savoring organic, garden-fresh cuisine that will completely redefine your notion of how flavorful and satisfying healthy food can be.



Through a series of innovative wellness programs and organic, farm-to-fork culinary concepts designed by the owner, THE RETREAT has crafted a nature-inspired getaway for disconnecting, relaxing and developing a healthier lifestyle.

Your experience at THE RETREAT will distinguished by three unique and defining characteristics:

LUXURY > The boutique-style aesthetic and bespoke services allow for a perfect balance of intimacy and personalized attention. Every detail of THE RETREAT has been crafted with the greatest care for every guest.


WELLNESS> THE RETREAT is a place to fully relax and disconnect. The facilities include a spa, steam room, Jacuzzi, pool, gym and a yoga studio. The soothing sounds of nature and spectacular views of the Nicoya Peninsula and Pacific Ocean play a key role in the rediscovery of life’s simple pleasures.

GASTRONOMY > Almost unanimously, past guests cite the food as the highlight of their stay. Each meal is complemented by biodynamic, organic wines and garden-fresh cocktails. THE RETREAT also offers wellness cooking classes to share some of their best recipes.




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