Historic Footsteps of Gandhi Tour

January 3-17, 2019

Celebrate Gandhi’s 150th birthday in India with Aurn and Tushar Gandhi

A LUX World Travel authentic spiritual journey…walking in the footsteps of Gandhi promoting Peace and Justice.


LUX World Travel is honored to host this historic trip to India! Your trip leaders are Arun Gandhi, the 5th grandson of Mahatma Gandhi, and Tushar Gandhi, Arun’s son.

This immersion trip will offer you the privileged experience to travel to India with Arun Gandhi, and upon arrival also be introduced to his son, Tushar, who manages many of the Gandhi family projects in Mumbai and surrounding areas.


This Spiritual and Cultural Journey is a once in a lifetime opportunity to explore India, and be introduced to a multitude of Wisdom leaders, Peace keepers, and social and justice workers in India who continue to “BE the change they wish to see in the world.” And NOW, you will be part of it!


Our in-depth itinerary takes you to:
Mumbai – Kolhapur – Lonavala – Bhuj – Ahmedabad – Jaipur – Ajmer – Sariska – Delhi




Tour India in Gandhi’s Footsteps, with Arun Gandhi, 5th grandson of MK Gandhi and his son Tushar Gandhi.  Gandhi’s philosophy of nonviolence is like that of the iceberg – what is visible to the eye is only a fraction of what is hidden. “Nonviolence is a life style that one has to adopt.”


Scholars have analyzed over and over the part that deals with political conflicts and independence of nations, because they insist that nonviolence is simply a strategy of convenience. (Mohandas) Gandhi said:

This philosophy is not like a jacket that you wear when necessary and discard when not. Nonviolence is a life style that one has to adopt which means allowing all the love, understanding, respect, compassion, acceptance and appreciation to emerge and dominate one’s attitude. Then we will be able to build good relationships not only within the family but outside of the family. We will no longer be selfish and greedy but magnanimous and giving.

It is no longer a secret that official India had abandoned Gandhi’s philosophy upon gaining independence. However, there are many at the grassroots level, young and old, who are still inspired by his philosophy and have put it into action to bring about a qualitative change in the Indian society. Many have started projects to bring solace to the poor of whom there are more than 500 million in India.

The Gandhi Legacy Tour explores these projects in the cities and in the villages to see first hand how people have used Gandhi’s philosophy in every day life. How they are trying to deal with conflict situations constructively. It is an unusual tour in as much as we visit places where normal tourists do not go, we are hosted by the poor in city slums and in traditional India.

Among the many diversities in India the one that divides the westernized urban India and the traditional rural India is the most odious. Urban India is not India at all and we shall explore this on the tour, while the traditional India is the true heart of India. The experience of traveling with the Gandhi Family is both educative and enjoyable. Come and experience it for yourself.






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