5 Barefoot Wellness Getaways for Winter 2018

With much of the USA in a deep freeze, many of us are searching for warm weather vacations, and spring break vacations.  We all want to put our bare feet into some warm sand, and relax on that sunny beach.


Here are our 5 Top Recommendations…


New Year’s Total Wellness Retreat – Dubai

January 25-27


HOSTED BY EXPERTS: This 3-Day retreat will set you on the right path of gaining: positivity, right nutrition, personalized yoga, and authentic training from Masters for obtaining the Peace that mindfulness offers. You will receive personalized assessments, tests and consultations from an expert Nutritionist, Yoga Guru, Psychologist, and a Spiritual Master. It doesn’t end here.. there will be many pleasant surprises as well!

We will customize this experience for you, add on shopping, adventures, more spa time, and even a camel trek!


Women’s Wellness Retreat: BELIZE

Dive into Yoga and Mindfulness


March 3-10, 2018>> A secluded paradise getaway…where you will enjoy adventure with women of like mind, in rustic elegance on a private island – no roads, no cars, no noise…just the sound of the air, ocean, and your breath!

This retreat offers you the perfect opportunity to unplug and play, or enjoy the “space” to deepen your spiritual practice. As far as Paradise goes, you will enjoy a private cabana, personal service from the awesome owners and staff, all meals, activities, spa treatments, transfers, and plenty of land excursions to choose from.


Women’s Adventure – CUBA

Embracing her African Culture


April 21-28, 2018 >> This unique, one-of-a-kind…cultural tour to Cuba that embraces the African culture of the nation.  Celebrate the art, music, food and flare that the African slaves brought to Cuba. Come to dance, come to sing, and…let’s eat!

Highlights include: An evening at the famous Tropicana Club, Callejon de Hamel’s Sunday rituals, Old Havana’s Aramburu and Hospital streets, Museum of Santeria, Rum museum, Slave museum, Trinidad, sailing and more. Limited to 12 guests…3 Spaces remain.


7-Nights Beachfront Yoga Paradise


Put your daily grind to rest, and renew your Spirit at this exclusive oceanfront boutique hotel and yoga retreat center. Located ion a quiet, serene beach in Troncones, off the Pacific Coast of Mexico, you will restore in a gorgeous setting with wellness classes, yoga by the sea, meditation, Qigong, dance classes and more.

Rejuvenate on all levels of Mind, Body and Spirit with your included spa treatments and healing arts. Dine on healthy gourmet cuisine. Take in the local adventures such as sunset horseback riding, eco tours, waterfall hiking, kayaking, surf-yoga excursions, surf lessons, shopping in the boutique, exploring the village, and much more.


St. Lucia: Beachfront, Luxury Wellness


 The great thing about this Wellness Holiday is that it is 100% customizable. What do you want? High-tech fitness? Rest and rejuvenation? Hiking and adventure? Detox? You decide what you want to do and when you want to do it. This resort simply provides you choices of how to celebrate your own state of Wellness.

There are hundreds of therapies and experiences to enjoy at the Wellness Center including: the Coubaril Valley Tennis and Golf Academy, to the SCUBA diving, to the archery, the water-skiing, the windsurfing, yoga, Pilates, sailing, golf, fencing, volleyball… it’s your choice.

This vacation is about the experience, the feeling, and the journey that you go through. Whether you need to be constantly active by running, spinning or swimming; or you need to lie down, enjoy the warmth of the sun and the plot of your latest novel, we want you to enjoy yourself!


Sending everyone wellness and warmth! ~ Melinda


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