Finding Real Bliss in Bali

Bliss refers to the experience of when one’s Dharma is fully realized and assimilated into daily action.   This blending of mind and spirit brings forth the real Joy that exists inside each one of us.  Most yogis know that when on their mats, this joy is easy to find…clearly this is why we float around in a “yoga glow” just after a practice session!  But cultivating this Bliss into each of our daily activities is a sought out goal for many of us.

Bliss is indeed found within, yet many times, one may embark  on retreat to create enough sacred space for cultivating our sleeping state of Joy.  “This” is the essence of a LUX World Travel Retreat.

Finding Bliss in Bali

Finding Bliss in Bali: September 7-18, 2013

Our next Women’s Retreat takes us to Bali for an Authentic Wellness Experience.  This retreat is so extraordinary, it is being featured in the next issue of Asia Spa Magazine!

This women’s retreat is designed to be an absolute adventure in perfect wellness, and incorporates the practices of yoga, meditation, the ancient healing practice of mudras, an enormous sampling of included Ayurvedic treatments, with adventure, touring, cultural events, and your choice to either diving or snorkel while retreating on the Island of the Gods.

Highlights include:   SEE RETREAT DETAILS

* 6 Nights Oceanfront Luxury Accommodations at Wellness Resort with all meals
* 4 Nights Private Secluded Accommodations at Ubud with daily breakfast, 2 lunches and 1 dinner
* 8 Ayurvedic Treatments
* 2 Spa Treatments
* 2 Diving or Snorkeling Trips
* Sunrise Dolphin Sail
* Daily Yoga and Meditation
* Rice Paddies & Jungle Trekking
* Down Cycling Tour with Lunch
* Day Tour of Ubud & Volcano
* Balinese Cooking Experience
* Cultural Ceremonies
* Spiritual Wisdom Teachings

Ayurvedic Wellness

Ayurvedic Wellness

Ayurveda, the “science of life and the art of healing”, is the world’s most ancient holistic health philosophy and system that covers every aspect of wellbeing: health, beauty, food, spirit, sex and living in harmony with each other and with nature.

For over 5000 years in India, Ayurveda has been the practical basis of treating the root causes of many health disorders and diseases, often giving a real cure rather than temporary relief. Life based on the principles of Ayurveda resist ill health, arrests premature aging and retains youthfulness.

The core objective of Ayurveda is to keep a healthy person healthy, not only physically but also mentally, morally and spiritually. Health begins with the fitness and the strength of the body, deepens to emotional stability, leading to intellectual clarity and wisdom, and through this to spirituality.

Amazing foot rub and bath!  Pure Heaven!

Amazing foot rub and bath! Pure Heaven!

The philosophy of Ayurveda treats the body, mind, and soul as inter-related and in doing so harmonizes the biological, physical, and neurological systems. The understanding that each one of us is a unique individual is important in targeting Ayurveda treatments to address specific health conditions. Ayurvedic massage is a core component of the treatment. Massage opens the body’s energy paths; stimulates and enhances circulation of body fluids, activating the lymphatic system; regulates the digestive systems; strengthens muscles, bones, and blood vessels; improves skin and body tone, and revitalizes the body’s self healing mechanisms.

Diving and Snorkeling at the Island of the Gods...Bali Bliss

Diving and Snorkeling at the Island of the Gods…Bali Bliss

We will also enjoy the beaches, snorkeling, diving, and embrace meditation and yoga…no matter your level of experience, our guides help us begin, or takes further inside on our journey toward Spiritual Awareness.

Cultivate your Bliss with us…

September 7-18, 2013.   Only $2980 per person, based on double occupancy!

See Registration Details

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