Remember what is Forgotten…You.

When it is time to pause your frenetic pace and rediscover senses dulled by the incessant demands of life, there is a place called Maia Luxury Resort & Spa.  Here in Seychelles, I invite you to awaken to your lively spirit by indulging your mind and spirit through spa and well-being practices. The tranquility of Maia offers you more than a place of refuge. It offers you a resort of rediscovery.


Bird song. Waters falling down moss covered granite rocks. Gentle winds brushing leaves. These will be the only things to break your revere in our Balinese-style Spa.

Three individual, private open-air pavilions are separated from each other by natural rock formations. Each spacious 120m2 pavilion features its own garden, changing rooms and showers.

Besides world-class therapy and beauty treatments using La Prairie products, the  highly trained staff can offer you more than just skin-deep relief by guiding you through accompanied yoga, self-Shiatsu and Qi Gong sessions.

The fitness centre provides the latest “Excite” equipment and a Kinesis wall. Privately trained therapists offer intuitive massages and an assortment of packages, including special Kids Only treatments such as the banana leaf wrap with hydrating gel for sunburn.


An extensive range of treatments is available. Pamper yourself with an outdoor bath surrounded by the natural rock formation of Maia Spa, an exfoliation, skin smoothing, polishing and toning, or a hand, foot and hair massage and natural, nourishment treatment. You may choose to have your treatments individually or as a couple. Imagine the Maia Signature Massage – a unique fusion of consistent pressure, long strokes and gentle stretching, blended with a soothing rhythmical flow of delivery to ease muscle tension. Or try the ‘Twenty Dancing Fingers’ massage – a traditional art with two therapists using firm techniques applied by thumb pressure, deep presses and gripping techniques along the meridians to release energy and improve circulation… All to the soporific sounds of birdsong and natural waterfalls.


Maia is about creating the place, the space and the experiences you need to reinvigorate senses dulled by time and stress. Awaken a tired body, enlighten a dim mind and rekindle a dead spirit.



Enjoy the benefits of Hatha Yoga, Qi Gong and Self-Shiatsu in the peaceful, open air and natural surroundings of Maia Spa. Group classes of these special practices are offered to compliments of Maia, although you can also opt for personal instruction in your own villa, at a fee.


Those who are familiar with Qi Gong will know that it refers to a wide variety of traditional, cultivation practices that involve methods of accumulating, circulating, and working with qi (or energy) within the body. Qi Gong is practiced for health maintenance purposes, as a therapeutic intervention, as a medical profession, a spiritual path and/or component of Chinese martial arts. Maia’s professional staff will guide you through this gentle practice to reduce stress levels. Private lessons booked can be held either in Maia Spa or in the privacy of your villa.


Hatha comes from combining the two Sanskrit terms “ha” meaning sun and “tha” meaning moon. When the two components of the word are placed together, “hatha” means “forceful”, implying that powerful work must be done to purify the body. Yoga means to yoke, or to join two things together, hence hatha yoga is meant to join together our sun (masculine, active) energy with our moon (feminine, receptive) energy, thus producing balance and greater power in an individual. Our professional staff will guide you through this purifying practice to enhance your energy levels and create a far-reaching sense of wellbeing. Private lessons booked can be held either in Maia Spa or in the privacy of your villa.


Shiatsu, the Japanese form of bodywork, means ‘finger pressure’, and is sometimes described as a ‘finger pressure massage’. Like acupuncture, Shiatsu is based on the holistic system of traditional Chinese medicine, where illness is thought to result from imbalances in the natural flow of energy, or qi (pronounced ‘chee’) through the body.  The professional staff will show you how to use finger and palm pressure to energize pathways (meridians) to improve the flow of qi, relieving stresses which may have built up over time. Private lessons booked can be held either in Maia Spa or in the privacy of your villa.

Sending as Always…the Best in Wellness for you to Enjoy!

Blessings~ Melinda

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