Palaces, Tigers and Wellness! Oh my…it’s India!

India hosts thousands of years of history, a spectrum of exotic cultures, amazing temples and palaces, a myriad of landscapes from snow-peaked mountains to lush jungles.  India will enchant any first time visitor or world traveler.

India challenges the mind and soothes the soul with a menu of spirituality that provides both ancient metaphysical healing and wellness, sacred wisdom, and state of the art physical wellness programs. Expect to be shopping in the markets one day, riding an elephant the next, then watching the faithful step into the waters of the Ganges.  A trip to India requires knowledge of the land, culture and terrain. This month at LUX World Travel….we will explore all that India has to offer!

India is a land of contrasts and contradictions.  Crowded places full of noise, will subside as you venture to quiet refuges in forests are on any pristine beach.  Festivals emerge year-round seated in 5000 years of history.

Charming villages give way to vibrant bustling cities of enterprise, which produce more movies in one month, than Hollywood does all year!  If you enjoy color and images…India is a photographer’s Paradise!  India in fact is a destination for all senses.



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