All I see is Green…oh, and Blue!

Many times all that is needed to re-group and de-stress is to unplug, and a remote adventure vacation surrounded by the purest elements of nature is the remedy.  However, many of have such fantasies about getting back to basics…then our minds create visions of giant flying bugs, and the beginnings of a panic attack brew as we really wonder how could we possibly disconnect our smart phones and sit in the middle of nature for a week.

Rustic Luxury properties around the world solve the problem, and allow you to commune with Nature in natural surroundings, and while your room may not have the latest in wi-fi and high tech solutions for your multitude of gadgets, you can “connect” while in the lobby, or main buildings on the property.

My favorite nature get-away is on the Caribbean island of Dominica…specifically at Jungle Bay resort. In fact, I love this property so much, LUX World Travel has hosted two women’s retreats here, and will offer our third in Spring 2012.

Jungle Bay is an ecolodge on a 55-acre site filled with lush white cedar, almond and gomier trees, overlooking gleaming Pointe Mulâtre Bay. The location is remote, but not too far from the airport, or nearby villages and towns.  Dominica’s big attractions are readily accessible to guests, especially those who want to spend their time hiking, diving, ocean kayaking and mountain biking rather than sunbathing. Victoria Falls, 130 feet tall, is within walking distance. Zom Zom Lookout Point and Perdu Temps Heritage Trail are nearby hikes.

Rooms are rustic luxe. The 35 individual, spacious cottages are on stilts, filled with sunlight (some seeping through the floorboards), and the sounds of the hummingbirds. All have balconies and views of either the water or the rain forest and are made out of local tropical hardwoods and volcanic stone. There is no air-conditioning or television. Some guests need to be in good shape: a series of footpaths connects the cottages, the highest perched like a bird’s nest up 189 steps. And the vertical is steep…however, at one with the treetops…the views of the ocean are unforgettable.

The bathrooms are unforgettable as well… here, an outdoor shower under an awning of trees with infinite shades of greens will bathe you naturally although you  may spot a Lesser Antillean bullfinch flitting overhead.  The solar-heated water defies expectations allowing your shower water to be  hot with shockingly good water pressure. This cleansing while at one with nature, is a wellness treatment on it’s own!

As far as amenities, a computer with Internet hookup is in the main lobby, but long distance calls must be dialed by the front desk operator. The Spa du Soleil’s cliffside treatment rooms are partially open, overlooking the Atlantic Coast, and daily yoga classes offered in a sun-filled room are hearty sessions.

The food is authentic to the island, plentiful, and included in the package price.  Jungle Bay will also accommodate any diet plan, and has a full selection of beverages to choose from.  Swinging from your private hammock, watching the sunset over the ocean  with a choice beverage in hand, is only one perfect combination what this rustic luxe paradise offers to anyone who needs to disconnect, be with Nature, yet enjoy life’s simple pleasures as well.

See you in Paradise ~ Melinda

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