Change your “To Do” List into a “To Me” List

Need time to rejuvenate?  If your “To Do” List is more and more difficult to complete,  perhaps you are burnt out, and in need of some “Me” time.  We often dream of a spa getaway, but often we don’t take value in our own self-investment, which leads to eventual burn out.  One of the best years I had was one in which I made sure I had a spa day, massage or holistic treatment at least every three weeks.  Maybe each and every day of your life can’t be a spa day, but they do say goals are good to have.  If you can squeeze in  regular spa days a year, you will be more relaxed and on top of your game the as you get back to your list of “to-do’s.”  Of course spa get-aways bring the best results, and we recommend planning for at least 3-4 short holidays per year.

So where to go? New York State, Florida, Arizona and California offer great destination spas that are easy and affordable to get to and provide a vast selection of pampering spa treatments, combined with wellness classes and eco-adventures.   We love the properties in Arizona, and some you can even bring your dog if you plan to travel solo.  It is good to have your “best” friend around for the outdoor adventures, which are often dog-friendly!

But if you have more time…how about somewhere a bit more exotic? Essential oil rubdown in Jamaica? Ayurvedic treatments in India? Perhaps a real Thai massageon Koh Samui is what you need to work out 20-odd years of stress.

Japanese Onsens are awfully tranquil, as are the famous hammams of Turkey. Off the coast of Africa in the Seychelles, mix it all up, with morning beach yoga and Balinese spa treatments in the afternoon.

If you don’t wish to travel to exotic destinations on your own, we do offer an assortment of wellness retreats so you can travel with others of like mind and enjoy wellness, culture and adventure and make friends along the way!

There are many choices, and planning a wellness vacation is an important self-investment…but take the time to do so.  We highly recommend putting some “Me” Time on your very busy “To Do” List.

Think…spa robe, and say, “Ahhhhh!”

In Wellness ~ Melinda

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