Bali: Ancient Wellness in Paradise

Find out what sets Bali apart from every other island paradise in the world; discover the enchantment that has captured the imagination of romantics and artists for over two centuries.

While the world is left chasing a dream, in Bali the dream is their reality.  Here they live in the world, and yet are not of it, their spiritual practices of ancient and intricate arts,  and healing all stem from their  history of deep understanding of the ways of nature.   The natural rhythms and flow of man within his spiritual and natural environments and the balance between them.

Balinese spiritualism, a mix of mysticism and Hinduism, combined with a love of balance, peace and harmony infuses every action.  From the lofty fruit offerings placed on the swaying heads of women in procession to the lowly woven basket on the step of their homes, the devotion and love for their home history echoes through each one of their days.

In Bali their art and music is the same devotion, the shadow puppets acting the stories of the Ramayana accompanied by the gamelan, the spiritual and religious motifs in their paintings.   Spiritual Bali is not reached through special services, exclusive tours, or even through specific people it is reached in one simple movement: The opening of the eyes.

Open the eyes and allow the heart to follow on your journey not just to discover the true essence of Bali but to rediscover the essence in the self, the connection to a world where not everything is as it seems but all is at it should be…..

Book a Bali Vacation in April and receive an included Prayer Session at the Sacred Temple of Batu Bolong
with Pemangku Rukun, who will answer your questions and provide guidance on any matter.

The sacred temple of Batu Bolong in Canggu Village is the destination for pilgrimages across the island of Bali. It belongs to a group of the most significant temples in Bali and is at the centre of mystical celebration.  Festivals and ceremonies there are vibrate with colour and vitality as huge penjors, bamboo flags, and temple umbrellas adorn scenes of traditionally clothed men, women and children in prayer and celebration of life, death and changing fortune.
It is here you will meet Pemangku Rukun who will administer prayers and blessings and share the wisdom of his life as a high priest.

Blessings from Bali! ~ Melinda

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