Women’s Travel Log: Hurray for the Hula

Women on the move, climb to the top positions in their career, are leaders in their community and often times, bring home the bacon for the family as well. When it comes time to relax, my growing list super-women clients enjoy “adrenaline-drive gal pal getaways” blended with pampering spa treatments, and gourmet meals.

The most popular adrenaline girl-powered getaway for LUX World Travel, is the yoga-surf combination vacation. This time of year, Costa Rica is the best location for wave crashers, but Bali, Australia and even Hawaii are also top destination choices.

“Girl Only” surf clinics are popping up everywhere, as women feel more comfortable learning this skill in the safety, compassion, and fun-filled environment that can only be found in the company of other women. Yes…co-ed camps exist, but most often the guys get competitive, and the women struggle with feeling safe, or developing confidence during training.

If you find yourself flirting with the idea of adventure, independent itineraries can be designed for any level of skill, and can lean towards gentle outdoor fun, or a “jump off the cliff, wrestle with crocodiles, fire-eating adventure.” Okay…a bit dramatic with the description perhaps!! Point being made…adventure vacations exist for all travelers, which will fit with their desired style of travel.

A good middle of the road example would be this surf adventure to the Big Island of Hawaii…a Hula Girl Getaway for yourself and three friends. A sample package will include accommodations in two deluxe oceanview guestrooms for one price, plus four Fun and Sun Activity Passes granting access to: surf lessons and surf boards, kayaking, tennis clinics, yoga, massage, daily oceanfront hula lessons, and daily breakfast.

Closer to home that trekking rice fields in Bali, or climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro, the Hawaiian islands present a paradise of endless options when it comes to embracing nature,  challenging your mind and body connection, yet embracing stillness  for a therapeutic tropical, fun in the sun tune-up with like-minded souls…aka: your best friends.

Surf’s Up!


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