Israel: Sophisticated Eco-Adventures in the Holy Land

There are reasons Israel has won the Best Selling Destination in the Middle East for the third consecutive year.  Yes, Israel offers a great combination of activities for those who are looking for religious travel, and for those wishing to immerse themselves in rich history and culture.  But eco-adventures in the Holy Land?  Yes…the Nature of Israel is quite remarkable.

For example, the Hula Valley Nature Reserve, a place of miracles and wonders. Heroic people working together with Mother Nature have made the Hula valley into a place filled with abundant green beauty.

The reserve has lovely walking trails, including a “floating bridge” over the wetland, and special lookout points where visitors can observe the avian wildlife. In the spring of 1994 another stage in the campaign to restore natural balance in the Hula Valley was completed: the re-flooding of 250 acres now known as Lake Agmon, located approximately two kilometers north of the Hula Nature Reserve.

This new site – Agmon HaHula, became the second home for thousands of migrating birds that pass through the area in the autumn and spring, as well as the home of many native birds, making it a popular sight for bird-watchers.  The Agmon HaHula now has walking paths, observation points, and telescopes for observing the thousands of birds that inhabit the site.

Visitors to the Hula Valley can choose from a large selection of guest rooms, country lodging facilities, luxury hotels, and hostels. There are also dozens of archeological sites such as Tel Hatzor, historical sites, and entertainment centers for children and families such as the Manara Cliffs and cable car.

Many say, “ If you want to meet God, go to Israel” because the nation is made up of five different geographical regions.  From mountains and valleys to beaches and deserts, the entire world can literally be found in this tiny country.  I highly recommend an Israel adventure to anyone who wishes to claim they have seen the world.

LUX World Travel provides luxury private itineraries to Israel, and is currently co-producing two group tours, which will depart in fall of 2010, and spring 2011.

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