Traveling on Faith

Following one’s heart, following one’s passions, has led me to produce and prepare this Faith Journey to the historically rich land of Turkey.  This trip was a delight to organize, and as fellow travelers sign up, the excitement grows, the momentum grows, and spirits begin to soar.

Faith travel and tours in general will have a main focus on the Oberammergau Passion Play for the 2010 travel season.  Even more reason for LUX World Travel to co-ordinate this trip, since many tour operators have dropped all their standard faith journeys in efforts to best make opportunities for travelers taking advantage of the Passion Play, which is only produced every decade.

Our sacred journey to Turkey promises to be an in-depth, historical and Bibilical account of Paul’s mission work, and travels as he worked so hard to create the first Christian churches.  This itineary also offers plenty of opportunity to enjoy the beauty and culture of the modern day Turkey as we stay in several 5 star hotels which are beachfront properties.

Our chosen Tour Leader however, brings great spirit to the trip as well.  The Reverend Judy Lee Hay excels in expressing spiritually and faith in daily living. She has traveled in Europe and Jordan, been with a missionary in the Dominican Republic, stayed with colleagues while in Jamaica and in base communities in Costa Rica and Nicaragua. Each trip has awakened new aspects of her spirituality, which shines from her and touches all whom she meets.

If you wish to meet your faith and spirit in one place, consider joining us on this truly, trip of a lifetime.  Traveling on faith to follow in Paul’s Footsteps.  I get goosebumps just thinking about it!


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